Divergent Destinations

A First Look

Jeffrey Hemming adds diverse colors to a downtown San Jose nightclub with his piece entitled, “Phylum of the Free.”

This piece positions colorful images of wild animals walking toward the audience, which is set against a drab background of concrete freeways.

Applying Our Model

Here, vibrant tones of natural life contrast with dull tones of an artificial environment. Directional patterns are placed in juxtaposition as well. As the eye follows these creatures on the course they are traveling, the giraffes are walking away from a harsh, unnatural atmosphere while freeway overpasses are headed deeper into it.

Contrasting color pallets, and directional movements, work together to provide tension and leave this piece unresolved. The mural allows audiences to simultaneously consider inconsistent possibilities of the two worlds. In doing so, it opens up space for democratic deliberation and invites the public to discuss the contrast between human creations and creations of the earth.   


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